Brexit: UK Supreme Court to hear further arguments on suspension of parliament

Britain’s Supreme Court will continue hearing legal arguments on Wednesday from the government and its opponents on whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson acted unlawfully when he decided to suspend parliament in the run-up to Brexit, Reuters reports. 

The court heard on Tuesday from one of Johnson’s lawyers that if he lost the case, he could recall parliament earlier than planned. 

The hearing, which started on Tuesday, will last three days. The earliest a ruling could come is late on Thursday, but it is more likely in the following days. 

Parliament was suspended, on September 10th after Johnson formally advised H.M. Queen Elizabeth II that he needed it shut down for five weeks so he could prepare to introduce a new legislative agenda. 

It is scheduled to reconvene on October 14th, just two weeks before Britain is due to exit the European Union. 

Johnson’s opponents say the real objective of the suspension was to prevent parliament, where he has no majority, from challenging his handling of Brexit. In particular, Johnson has said he will lead Britain out of the EU whether or not a divorce deal is agreed with the bloc’s 27 other members, a stance rejected by a majority of lawmakers. 

Today (Sept 18th), the court will hear further arguments from Johnson’s lawyers, as well as submissions from a lawyer for one of Johnson’s other opponents, the Scottish member of parliament Joanna Cherry.

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