EU set to agree on yet another Brexit delay.

The 27 EU member states that will remain after Brexit hope to agree on Monday (Oct. 28th) to delay Britain’s exit until January 31st with an earlier departure possible should the UK Parliament manage to ratify a deal, Reuters reports sources as saying. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week reluctantly requested the three-month delay until the end of January 2020, after the House of Commons refused to swiftly approve a new Brexit deal he had agreed with the bloc. 

Any postponement to Brexit can only be granted unanimously by the 27 and French objections have so far prevented a decision as Johnson spars with MPs over calling an early election. 

Diplomatic sources told Reuters the bloc’s 27 EU ambassadors would meet on Monday in Brussels to agree on the three-month delay. 

The latest plan envisages that Britain could also be out on December 1st or January 1st should Parliament ratify the agreement in November or December, respectively, according to diplomats who deal with Brexit in the EU hub, Brussels. 

The bloc will state that the extension, the third granted so far, will not be used to renegotiate the Brexit deal again, and that London should not impede other essential work by the EU. 

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