Nigel Farage denies talk of link up with 'former' political Ally Matteo Salvini

Nigel Farage has stated, somewhat unconvincingly, that he does not wish to join forces with populist and far-right parties in France and Italy in the European Parliament.

In elections last month, Farage’s single-issue Brexit Party won 29 of the 73 British seats in the assembly as angry voters blamed the ruling Conservatives and the opposition for the Brexit impasse.

Rumours swirled that he would unite in the Europe of Nations and Freedom group following reports he had been seen in Brussels on election night with Italian Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini.

But Farage said Wednesday that he only held “a brief social meeting” with an ENF member.

He is playing down “speculation, fueled by that individual, that the Brexit Party will join them.”

Farage said: “I can confirm that this is not the case.”

Meanwhile, Farage has hit back at parliament regarding its request for him to attend before the Advisory Committee on the Conduct of Members. 

On Wednesday, the day he was due to appear before the committee, Farage said:“What is this but an EU kangaroo court where I am given 24 hours notice about allegations picked up from press stories.

"I will not be attending at such short notice. And if they try to bar me from the building, who else gives voice to the thousands of people who voted for me? Is this democracy EU style?

"I did not receive any private money for political purposes. This committee would better spend its time investigating the waste of public money by well-known MEPs."

Farage says he would not attend the committee investigating whether he broke European Parliament rules by accepting funding from Leave campaigner Arron Banks.

The Brexit Party leader has reportedly said he did not declare the £450,000 sum to the assembly because at the time, he was about to leave politics and had been seeking a new life in the US.

He said he had only been given 24 hours' notice to attend a meeting of the committee on Wednesday, which he branded a "kangaroo court".

The alleged payments from Arron Banks were revealed by  Channel 4 News last month.

It is said that items paid for by him allegedly included Farage's London home, his car and trips to the US to meet Donald Trump.

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