UK General Election: Boris Johnson eliminates Farage

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has successfully eliminated a threat to his ambitions in the British general election campaign now that Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has announced he will not contest the 317 seats won by the Conservative Party in 2017. 

Farage, implying that Brexit was in peril, announced he would stand down candidates in Conservative-held seats but would contest most of the rest - including some where the Conservatives had ambitions of ousting Labour. 

“The Brexit Party will not contest the 317 seats the Conservatives won at the last election,” Farage said. A week ago, he had promised to field 600 candidates unless Johnson went for a “no-deal” Brexit, a Volte-face that appears to confirm suspicions that he has been bought off.

Farage will apparently stand candidates in seats held by the opposition Labour Party, opening up a slight possibility that he could yet be a kingmaker with just a few seats in a hung parliament. 

Although the Conservatives are hoping to seize traditional Labour seats in northern England that are heavily pro-Brexit, analysts had said Farage posed a bigger threat to the Conservatives than to Labour. 

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