Jeremy Corbyn launches Euro-election campaign blaming UK government's "complete failure" to deliver Brexit

Launching his party's European election campaign, Jeremy Corbyn is urging both pro-EU voters and Brexit supporters to vote Labour at this month’s European election, a poll he blames on the Conservative government’s “complete failure” to steer the country out of the bloc. 

“No one expected us to be holding these European elections, but the government’s complete failure on Brexit means they are going ahead”, he said.

Again setting out Labour’s stance that a second referendum is an option only to stop the government’s “bad deal” or leaving the European Union without an agreement, Corbyn will call on voters to see beyond divisions over Brexit to back his party. 

The need to contest elections to the European Parliament on May 23rd - after the country failed to meet an original March 29th deadline and still has not agreed on a deal for the departure - poses difficulties for both Labour and Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives. 

Both parties have internal divisions over Europe and both were punished by voters in local elections last week over the delay to Brexit. 

Corbyn, an instinctive critic of the EU, has long wanted to return to his anti-austerity message, hoping in vain for months that the chaos over Britain’s departure would bring down the government and trigger a national election. 

But May has so far remained. She refused on Wednesday to give further details of a timetable for her departure and reiterated her commitment to step aside when the first phase of Brexit negotiations is completed. 

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