Judge refuses to order temporary halt to suspension of UK Parliament

Scottish judge Lord Doherty has refused to order a temporary halt to Boris Johnson's plan to suspend the UK Parliament, the BBC reports.

A group of 75 parliamentarians were seeking an interim interdict - similar to an injunction - at the Court of Session ahead of a full hearing.

Their request was declined by the judge, who said he was not satisfied there was a "cogent need" for an interdict.

However the full hearing will now be heard next Tuesday, rather than Friday. 

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Lord Doherty said this was because it was in the interests of justice, and in the public interest, for the case - which is opposed by the UK government - to proceed as quickly as possible.

But he said: "I am not satisfied that it as been demonstrated that there is a need for an interim suspension or an interim interdict to be granted at this stage."

The judge will not decide on the merits of the case until he has heard legal arguments from both sides on Tuesday, with his final ruling potentially being delivered the following day.

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