Now Jean-Claude Juncker wants an aeroplane & stately home - at taxpayer's expense!

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has complained that he does not have a private jet or a grace and favour stately home like other "world leaders".

He told Bild magazine: "The Commission President doesn’t have a residence. I have been living in a hotel apartment measuring 50 square metres for €3250 euro per month. The NATO Secretary-General, on the other hand, lives in a stately home, and invites us there sometimes when we need a rest. All the ambassadors have residences too - I know many of them. I was always invited to their private residences."

The former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, who has been involved in a number of unresolved financial scandals, is also unhappy about the fact that he has to travel by commercial airliner. 

"When I was talking to Donald Trump, I was constantly looking at my watch so that I wouldn’t miss my flight home. Trump kept saying, 'Your ‘plane can wait!, he didn’t realise that I didn’t have my own aeroplane."

This is not the first time he has complained about not having his own private jet.

In 2014, while campaigning for the position of President of the European Commission, he tweeted: "The Americans have Air Force One. I don't".

Despite this, Juncker used private jets for almost half of his official visits in 2018, with one overnight trip to Tunisia racking up a bill of £32,000.

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