Labour edges closer to calling for public vote on the final deal

The last ship has already sailed that can reach Japan from Britain by Brexit day. Any delay and the cargo may be subject to import tariffs. Time is running short if the UK is to avoid a no deal Brexit, writes Roger Casale, former Labour MP and founder and CEO of New Europeans

There are signs that the Prime Minister may request a short extension from the EU in order to complete some of the technical and administrative arrangement the UK has to put in place before leaving. 

What is all too often overlooked however, is that if the UK stays in the EU beyond 1 July, it will have to hold European Parliamentary elections. If that happens, grassroots activists have argued there may be time to hold a referendum on the same day.

It was always assumed that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership were implacably opposed to a second referendum. In recent days, however, such attitudes have been shown to be softening.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP told the Evening Standard in London on Friday that he was warm about the initiative by Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson. 

Based on a proposal by the leading civil rights organisation New Europeans, the Kyle/Wilson initiative would offer the Prime Minister support for her deal, so long as it was put to the people for a vote.

Commenting on the latest developments, including the defection this week of 9 Labour MPs, Roger Casale, founder and CEO of New Europeans and former MP said:

"Clearly the Labour party needs to come up with a new approach and it will have to do so quickly."

To hold a referendum in May would still be feasible - but time is running very short now. 

Based on the changes we have seen this week, I hope that Jeremy Corbyn #FBPE and his team  will how more flexibility on these issues.

But as  with the cargo vessels heading  to Japan, many would argue that the Brexit ship has already sailed!

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