Latest polls show main parties lagging behind in Euro elections

A new opinion poll for the European elections in the UK on 23 May has put the Brexit Party in first place, outperforming the combined total for the Conservatives and Labour.

The survey showed the Brexit party on 34%, with Labour in second place on 21%, the Liberal Democrats in third place on 12% and the Conservatives in fourth place on 11%.

The poll also showed the Green Party in fifth place on 8%, UKIP and the Scottish National Party (SNP) on 4% each and Change UK: The Independent Group on 3%. Meanwhile, a new poll by YouGov sets the Brexit Party in the lead for the European elections with 34%, followed by the Labour Party with 16%. The Liberal Democrats and the Green Party follows with 15% and 11% respectively. Meanwhile, the Conservative Party comes fifth, polling at 10%.

Elsewhere, a Com Res poll for Brexit Express for Westminster voting intentions put the Labour Party in the lead on 27%, the Brexit Party in second place on 20% and the Conservatives in third place with 19%. The Liberal Democrats were on 14%, Change UK, 7%, Greens, 5%, and UKIP and the SNP on 3% each.

Commenting on the Observer opinion poll, Open Europe’s Henry Newman said, “If you add together the Brexit Party vote, the UKIP vote and the Tory vote, you’ve already got basically half of the vote share. If you added in some of the Labour vote, which at least is facing half-way towards Leave, you’ve got a lot of the electorate who are still very strongly backing Brexit, which runs completely counter to the narrative that people are changing their mind.”

Meanwhile, speaking on Sunday the Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said, “there’s a complete breakdown of trust between the people in this country and our politicians,” adding that if his party won the European elections, “I’m going to demand that Brexit Party MEPs become part of a Government negotiating team.” Farage also said there would be “no manifestos from the Brexit Party,” but that the party’s policy was to “leave with a clean break Brexit.”

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Martin Banks

Martin Banks

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