Spain warns citizens against travelling to Algeria and to Tindouf Camps

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel warning cautioning Spaniards against travelling to Algeria and to the Polisario-run Tindouf camps.

In an updated travel warning, posted on its official website as reported by Europa Press, the Foreign Ministry recommends Spanish travellers to show 'extreme caution' throughout Algeria and to avoid trips to some areas, including the Tindouf refugee camps and Algeria's borders with Mali, Niger, Libya and Mauritania.

The warning was issued, the ministry said, 'because of the growing instability in Northern Mali' and the 'increased activity of terrorist groups in the region' that could affect security in the whole area'.

The warning advises Spaniards to avoid travel, unless absolutely necessary, to the Tunisian border and to Kabylie, and recalls that there is a risk of kidnappings and terrorist attacks throughout the country.

Algeria is not a common destination for Spanish tourists, but some NGOs organise solidarity trips to the Tindouf camps.

This travel warning by the Spanish government corroborates several Western intelligence reports documenting the Polisario's connections with terrorist groups and drug trafficking networks operating in the Sahel.

Madrid's new recommendation deals a blow to the Polisario separatist front which is about to hold its pseudo-national congress, December 19th-23rd, where it is expecting to see its few remaining supporters.

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