Nigel Farage will stand in "any forthcoming parliamentary election". Quelle surprise!

Three times former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, now leader of the Brexit Party, confirmed on Sunday he would run for a seat in Britain’s Westminster parliament in any upcoming election. 

With parliament in deadlock over Brexit, a new election is widely expected to come before the end of the year. 

“Of course I will stand,” Farage, whose party won the European Parliament elections in Britain in May, told Sky News when asked if he would run.

This will be Nigel Farage's eighth run at winning a UK parliamentary seat, all previous attempts ending somewhat ignominiously.

Farage, despite his professed opposition to Britain's membership of the EU, is one of the Parliament's longest serving MEPs: he has been on the "gravy train" longer than most, and is now into his fifth 5-year term in office. After Brexit, will be entitled to a maximum pre-tax golden parachute of €169,680 (£149,810), if he is unable to find a job after Brexit.

He will also be entitled to the highest level of pension available to MEPs.

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