One year after re-election Aliyev scores high marks among Azerbaijanis - French survey

The “confidence” expressed by respondents to a survey “once again” shows that the Azerbaijani citizens support their president and his policies.

Political expert Bahruz Guliyev was responding to a survey that showed that over 85% of survey respondents think that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev activities are “positive”.

“The survey has confirmed the correctness of the policy being pursued in Azerbaijan, the unity of the leader and people,” said Guliyev 

“The policy being pursued by President Aliyev over the past year has attracted special attention and Azerbaijan is demonstrating a new model of development in social, political and economic spheres to the world.”

The survey was published one year after presidential elections in Azerbaijan.

French research company Opinionway found that Azerbaijanis strongly endorse key actions by President Aliyev. Over 85% of survey respondents appraised his activities as “positive”.

“The survey clearly shows that Azerbaijanis are happy with their political leadership,” said Bruno Jeanbart, Deputy CEO of Opinionway. “A year after his re-election, the perception of President Aliyev’s foreign and domestic policies, on stability, reforms and regional development is very positive,” he said at a press conference in Baku.

More than 80% of those surveyed attribute the “stability in the country” as the “success of the activities of President Aliyev.” Over 58% approve of the “strengthening of the country’s defence capability and army.”

Expressing their attitude towards Aliyev’s foreign policy, nearly 74% of respondents have rated it as “excellent”. On the issue of “strengthening Azerbaijan’s reputation in the international arena and achievements in foreign policy” nearly half of the people surveyed stated their approval.

On the domestic front too, the president fared well. 64% “have approved” his economic reforms and over 57% say the “population’s welfare has gotten better, salaries, pensions and allowances have increased”. 52% believe accessibility of education and healthcare has improved and 45.3 % are satisfied with the fight against corruption.

The “development of sport” also received wide-ranging support by Azerbaijanis, with 61.4% calling it a success. Azerbaijan has increasingly positioned itself on the sports map, hosting prestigious events such as Formula 1 racing, the Islamic Solidarity Games and the European Games.

Asked if Aliyev’s pre-electoral promises have been fulfilled, over three-quarters of respondent said that either “most” or “all” of the promises had been fulfilled.

Additional data showed that over 72% of respondents think that the regions have been developed as a result of the State Program on Socio-Economic Development of Regions, adopted by President Aliyev, and thanks to his attention to the regions.

The  survey was based on interviews with 2,000 respondents that were randomly selected in the country in March.

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