Romania: Interior Minister Nicolae Moga quits over murdered teenagers scandal

Romania’s interior minister has quit as the fallout from the murder of two teenage girls intensifies.

There is public outrage over the killings of Alexandra Macesanu, 15, and Luiza Melencu, 18, in the southern town of Caracal.

Macesanu phoned the European emergency number 112 but it took authorities 19 hours to locate where she was as they struggled to trace her calls and secure unnecessary search warrants.

Nicolae Moga, who had only been in the post six days, resigned as Romania’s interior minister on Tuesday.

Inquiries have shown politicised public safety bodies to be under-funded, short-staffed and insufficiently trained, reports Reuters.

"It has been found that institutions in charge of public order and safety ... failed, after a series of unacceptable errors to ensure the fundamental right of life," said President Klaus Iohannis.

Romania's chief of police and several county officials have already been fired over the case.

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