EU set to scrap Brexit deadline, say former PM Gordon Brown

According to former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the European Commission is set to scrap the October 31st Brexit deadline in an attempt to undermine Boris Johnson's strategy, and to avoid a "No-Deal" scenario, writes Gary Cartwright.

This news comes on the same day that the British press reports that Johnson's tough approach to Brexit has seen his party's lead over the Labour opposition double over three weeks. 

The poll, conducted by Survation for the Daily Mail, also shows that most voters think the Queen was right to approve the Prime Minister's request to suspend Parliament.

The Conservatives are now on 31%, Labour on 24%, the Lib Dems on 21% with Nigel Farage's Brexit Party trailing behind on 14%.

The Conservative lead is now three percentage points higher than on August 11th, and the 7% lead over Labour compares well with the 6% deficit he inherited from his predecessor Theresa May.

Levels of support for the leaders themselves shows Johnson is clear winner as 'best PM' on 45%, Lib Dem leaders Swinson is second on 19%, and Corbyn on 17%. This suggests that with significantly more voters supporting Labour than Corbyn himself, suggesting that his star is waning.

Corbyn has appealed to a younger constituency, particularly students, a constituency that is traditionally fickle. Unlike Corbyn himself, most people generally grow out of student activism mode.

A total of 52% believe the UK will leave the EU without a deal, compared with a total of 13% who believe the country will remain.

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