Spain: Sanchez seeks coalition to avoid November elections

Spain’s acting prime minister Pedro Sanchez will lay out plans on Tuesday that he hopes will convince the far-left Unidas Podemos to support his last-ditch attempt to form a government and avoid a repeat election, he told El Pais newspaper. 

Sanchez, whose Socialist Party finished first in an inconclusive national election in April, has been trying to rally support among parliamentarians to confirm him as premier. 

“We don’t have to go to the polls,” Sanchez said in an interview published on Sunday in El Pais. 

In July, Sanchez twice failed to be confirmed as premier by parliament after talks to form a coalition government with Podemos collapsed. He now has until Sept 23rd to get parliament’s backing. Failing that, a new ballot will be called for Nov 10th. 

Sanchez told El Pais that there was an alternative to elections and a coalition, which was a government with a common progressive programme, “a different option than the one initially proposed by the Socialist Party and Unidas Podemos.” 

“(On Tuesday) we will present a programme to the people and, in particular, to Unidas Podemos in order to be able to find that necessary support so that the legislature can start,” Sanchez said in the interview. 

Image: European Parliament

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