Stephen Barclay & Michel Barnier exchange of letters on Brexit deal

On September 25th, UK Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Stephen Barclay, set out in a letter the fact that negotiating an exit deal with the EU remains the UK’s primary objective.

However, he also made clear that it is the responsibility of both the UK and the EU to protect our citizens and to prepare our businesses for the possibility that agreement cannot be reached on the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration. 

To that end, the Secretary of State outlined that there are a number of areas that would benefit from structured engagement and exchange of information.

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier in his reply, stated that the bloc remains "open to consider all legally operative solutions that meet all the objectives of the backstop".

Both letters can be viewed here:

Letter To Mr M Barnier From So S Steve Barclay

Reply From Mr M Barnier To So S Steve Barclay

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