Who is behind #StopTheCoup?

Questions hang over the true motivation of those behind the vocal #StopTheCoup campaign.  Apparently well funded, aggressive, and highly organised, employing tactics and methods somewhat reminiscent of the far-left Social Workers Party (SWP), and others of their ilk, who would often set up "front groups" to hide their true political agendas, writes Gary Cartwright.

These front groups would then organise events to support certain causes, a tactic honed to perfection by Vladimir Lenin, who instructed his followers to "identify a minority, speak for them, represent them, and then rule them!" 

SWP placards and activists would often be seen at demonstrations supporting the IRA, striking miners, striking teachers and disgruntled students, as well as anti-racism events, any of which were highly likely to end in orchestrated violence, which would then be blamed on the establishment, and on the "inequities" of the system.

One of those behind the #StopThe Coup campaign is Momentum activist and National organiser of fringe protest group Another Europe Is Possible Michael Chessum, aged 30, a leader of the 2010 student protests which ended in the Conservative Party offices at Millbank being smashed up and looted, rioting in Parliament Square and the ambush of the Prince of Wales’s car.

“I don’t think I’m going to wade in and condemn violence from [the] protesters,” he told the BBC at the time.

In the run up to yesterday's protests Chessum somewhat chillingly stated "There will be disruption and I'm sorry for that but in the face of what Boris is planning, it will be worth it. The suffragettes burnt down the home of David Lloyd George, the chancellor of the exchequer — I'm sure that was disruptive for him." 

Writing in New Statesman in March 2017 he stated "...in an era of hardship, resentment and populism, what the public wants is not kinder, gentler politics but heads on sticks"

But for Chessum, this is not about Brexit or suspension of Parliament: this is all about undermining authority, national institutions, and tradition.

Immediately after the protests he Tweeted "Protest outside Charing Cross Police Station at from 7.30 - all night. Demand the release of those arrested today!"

Churchill Statue

During the 2010 student protests, which Chessum refused to condemn, a statue of Winston Churchill outside the House of Commons was vandalised and defaced.

In 2013, under Chessum’s leadership, the University of London Union banned students and staff from representing the union at Remembrance Day ceremonies. 

Chessum condemned Remembrance events as “like murderers holding special funerals for their victims” and an “insidious… political statement with which we did not want to be associated.”

We are encouraging civil disobedience, in whatever form that takes. It might mean shutting down bridges, it might mean marching to Buckingham Palace and protesting the Queen.

Michael Chessum

Momentum’s national coordinator Laura Parker and former Private Secretary to Jeremy Corbyn referred to an “occupation of Parliament” as she urged followers to “protest, occupy and blockade” during yesterday's protests.

A failed Labour Party candidate in this year's European Parliament elections, she often appears keen to establish her pro-EU credentials by referring to the fact that her husband is Italian.

In fact, her husband is Stefano Ciccone, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and a member of La Sinistra, which consists primarily of members of the  Italian Left and the Communist Refoundation Party. In the Parliament he sits with the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) political group, whose constituent parties include Sinn Fein, which in 1970 became the political wing of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) which was responsible for 1,707 killings during what is referred to as "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland. Many of these casualties were civilians. Many were children.

Whilst Sinn Fein may be keen to downplay its PIRA connections, in 2009 its party leader, Mary Lou McDonald, herself a former MEP, was the centre of controversy when it emerged that her campaign office was raising funds by selling terrorist memorabilia.

Former Sinn Fein leader, and member of the Army Council of PIRA, Gerry Adams, has been associated with Jeremy Corbyn, of course. 

A picture is emerging...

Trade unions, labour parties, and working class organisations should elect delegates to councils of action to coordinate the resistance. We need mass demonstrations up and down the country. We need meetings and rallies to mobilise communities. Our movement must organise self-defence against the inevitable violence of the fascist and far right Brexit extremists. If Johnson goes to the Queen, we should surround parliament, and the TUC must call a general strike to stop the no deal coup dead in its tracks.

Red Flag Online, August 31st 2019

It is also interesting to note that many of those involved in the plethora of fringe groups involved in yesterday's protests have also been associated with recent demonstrations surrounding U.S. President Donald Trump's recent state visit to London.

Spokesperson Zoe Gardner, for example, who on her Another Europe is Possible profile tells the world that she "works in asylum rights advocacy and is a tireless grassroots campaigner", and that she "has first hand experience of the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean". In July 2018 she was also a spokesperson for the Stop Trump Coalition. 

Of course, the omnipresent Michael Chessum was also involved in this one, how could he not be? In fact, he was named in the UK press as a co-organiser of the demonstration which saw a giant blimp depicting the President as a wailing baby in a nappy flying above the streets of Westminster. 

Dr. Luke Cooper, a lecturer in politics and International Relations at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and yet another spokesperson for Another Europe is Possible was also involved in this project, and let us be under no misapprehensions here: these are not protests, these are politically motivated projects with one intended aim: to overthrow the established state.

Everything is about propelling the unreconstructed Marxist Jeremy Corbyn, or more likely the shadowy figures behind him, into power.

It is necessary to proceed to the building of a revolutionary organisation—this is demanded by the changed historical situation, it is demanded by the epoch of proletarian revolutionary action–but it is possible to proceed in this direction only over the heads of the old leaders, the stranglers of revolutionary energy, over the heads of the old party, by destroying it.

Karl Marx

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