Technological solution for Irish border "would take years to implement"

The Director General for Border Co-ordination at HM Revenue and Customs, Karen Wheeler, warns that a technological solution for the Irish border "would take years to implement".

She said, “There is no technology solution which would mean that you could do customs controls and processes and not have a hard [Irish] border…If there was, trust me, we would have found it.” 

She told businesses in a speech this week that there are technologies which can assist with automated customs processing or tracking goods, adding, “Many of them would take years to implement and there is no border in the world which has a full package of all of these technologies.”

This comes as the European Commission’s Secretary General Martin Selmayr said on Thursday, “Let’s be very clear – if there is no Withdrawal Agreement there will be a hard border” on the island of Ireland. 

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Martin Banks

Martin Banks

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