The Collapse of DUP Support

It has been revealed today some in the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) have decided a long delay to Brexit would be preferable to supporting Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement in Parliament, writes Jayne Adye, Director of cross-party grassroots campaign.

Considering the Government’s Confidence and Supply Agreement with the DUP was contingent upon their support for the Government, it seems this arrangement has now failed.

It is now extremely unlikely there will be a vote on the Withdrawal Agreement.

Not only has the support for Northern Ireland in the Agreement caused so many problems for a realistic Brexit, the EU’s support for the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar and the Irish Government, has backed us into a corner. This is despite the Irish Government saying they have put in place plans for a No Deal Brexit which would mean border infrastructure would be unnecessary. The Backstop is therefore completely unnecessary.

Arch Europhile in the EU Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, has suggested today the UK Parliament is now in a cross-party situation. However, while there may be cross-party support for some of the so-called indicative votes taking place tomorrow, none of these votes are actually legally binding. The Government has indicated they will not guarantee support for anything which may be passed by Parliament and Parliament does not have a blank cheque.

Adye said,   “The suggestion by the DUP, and others of a long delay to Brexit is ludicrous. The prominence of support by the DUP within the current Government is one of the major factors which has brought the Backstop and the Northern Ireland border into such prominence.”

·       “This seems like a ploy from the DUP to try and extort further money out of the Conservative Government, as their current Confidence and Supply Agreement comes to an end in June.”

·       “A long delay would effectively cancel Brexit. The Remain MPs in Parliament would attempt to take further control of the Brexit negotiations and we would end up with no Brexit at all.”

·       “The EU negotiators no longer take the UK seriously. Further delay will not resolve the problems. nor will it help to remove the many issues within the Withdrawal Agreement. Problems which go far beyond the Backstop.”

·       “If the DUP want to avoid the Backstop and go through with Brexit then the only option would be a WTO No Deal Brexit.”

·       “With the Irish Government stating that even in the event of No Deal, they have plans in place which mean no border infrastructure would be required. Clearly, the entire Backstop protocol is unnecessary and irrelevant. It’s simply a means by which the EU is attempting to shackle the UK into the EU - accepting laws without any say in how they are made.”

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