National Liberal Party in Romania launches electoral programme to better EU commitment and capability

Romania's National Liberal Party (NLP) launched its electoral programme ahead of the EU elections taking place on May 26th putting forward a pro-european, and hands on business and realistic plan. 

The programme was launched in the presence of local and national politicians, academia, trade unions and supporters. The programme was created inside the NPL by MEPs and staff.
The 76 page document presents and explains such priorities as read as follows:

  • Joining the Schengen area
  • Becoming part of the Euro-zone
  • Better access to EU funding and simplifications of the procedures
  • Keeping Romanian agriculture competitive
  • Building new roads and hightways of strategic importance connecting cities like Pitesti-Sibiu, Comarnic Brasov, Targu Mures- Iasi-Ungheni, etc.
  • Supporting real estate7. Making an infrastrcuture programme for earthquakes risk reduction in buildings8. Improving buildings eco- efficiency
  • Building gas pipeslines through the remoted areas of the country10. Up until 2024 having 3 fully functional EU like standards hospitals

The programme shows solutions for the failures of the Social Democrat Government and the limits of rule of law in this country. Ludovic Orban, the President of the Party, in his opening speech mentioned the desperate need for proper monitoring, measurement and implementation of the European Union’s recommendation for Romania. In this respect he promised that Romania will join the Schengen area within one year of gaining power. Joining the eurozone ahead of the 2024 deadline is one of the key aims of  the country, alongside with improving infrastructure.

Dan Buda, MEP, Member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, said that: ‘ We aim, first of all, at helping the farmer, regardless if small or big. They all face huge bureaucracy and all sorts of problems with accessing EU funding. Of course, we have to provide tailor made solutions for them, but also smoothing the path for those who want to become farmers. Informing them and providing start-up programmes in agriculture is the best
way forward’.

The European Parliament is an important power centre where influential decisions are taken. Romania must be strong in a solid European Union that successfully addresses global challenges. NLP is part of the EPP Group, the strongest political family in the EU. By cutting red-tape, joining the Schengen area and euro-zone Romania builds in current capabilities. The
electoral programme maps all these future development and ‘it is by far the most complete, yet simply to understand and implement electoral programme’ MEP Sigfried Muresan

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Razvan Hoinaru

Razvan Hoinaru

Razvan Hoinaru is a historian by heart, policy advisor by job and economist by education. A well balanced mixture of these aspects makes him "a man of social sciences".

Mainly Brussels based, Razvan Hoinaru is Member of the Club of Rome, EU-Chapter has been teaching accounting at Queen Mary's University of London and University of Economic Studies in Bucharest, authored books and studies on financial accounting, non-financial accounting and green energy. 

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