Is it time to proscribe the violent far-left?

Just hours after Boris Johnson was formally granted permission by the Queen to form a government, following a democratic and open election, hundreds of violent far-left extremists descended on Whitehall to vent their fury.

Under the perverse label of 'Anti-Fa' (anti-facist), foul-mouthed and vicious, they laid into a thin line of police officers whilst screaming 'F**k Boris'

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Predictably many carried banners displaying the words 'No to racism: no to Boris Johnson'. It is an old and sadly effective tool of the far-left to link anything they hate - democracy, freedom of speech, capitalism, their own country, et al.  - with racism. 

A close look at some of the placards reveals, almost inevitably, the byline of Socialist Worker, a London-based Trotskyist outfit describing itself as 'a revolutionary, anti-capitalist socialist newspaper'. 

In an editorial by Charles Kimber, editor of Socialist Worker and National Secretary of the Socialist Workers' Party, published hours before last night's violent scenes in London, the timing and nature of the event were highlighted.

Kimber, reported to be an Old Etonian, also reveals, in the same editorial, a glimpse of his true agenda: failing to condemn the antisemitism that has cost the Labour Party dearly, he states that 'Labour’s retreats in the face of allegations of antisemitism were also utterly catastrophic. Instead of saying that it wasn’t antisemitic to be against Israel and Zionism, the party ran away and betrayed the Palestinians'.

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In 2014 Socialist Worker truly plumbed the depths when it reported on the tragic death of 17 year old Eton schoolboy Horatio Chapple who had been mauled by a Polar Bear during an Arctic expedition.: 'another reason to save the polar bears' claimed the red rag.

Army officer Adrian Weale, who's son was in the same year as the victim of the tragedy said at the time  'As a parent, I can only imagine the pain his death must have caused to his family. That the Socialist Worker thinks the violent death of a child is a fit subject for humour indicates a level of depravity and insensitivity to the suffering of others which is surprising.'

The democratic process, which the far-left detest with a passion, should not be undermined in this way. Police officers should not be subjected to such violence, and the general public should not be placed in danger.

Many criminal acts were committed in London yesterday, from incitement through to violent affray. However, at the time of writing only two arrests have been made.

Perhaps it is now time to proscribe the far-left and it's hate-speech in the same way that has already been done to the more dangerous elements of the far-right.

What about it, Boris?

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