Jeremy Corbyn leads Labour Party to worst defeat since 1935

Despite the loss of at least 59 seats, and handing the Conservatives their best election results since Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979, Corbyn refuses to resign the party leadership, instead calling for a 'period of quiet reflection', and blaming the media for what one observer called 'a right hammering'.

His fellow Marxist and former mayor of London Ken Livingstone has blamed 'the Jewish vote'.

In fact, Labour's downfall can probably blamed on his promise of a second Brexit referendum.

Labour's traditionally working class voters, generally overlooked by the party's far-left leadership and the 'Islington set' alike, will have rejected the apparent 'remainer' approach: they are the demographic that most likely voted for Brexit in 2016.

That the person who effectively led the Remain campaign, Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, lost her Scottish seat is also telling, as is the fact that he party's Brexit spokesman Tom Brake lost his Carshalton seat to the Tories. 

Boris Johnson's 'Lets Get Brexit Done' campaign was brilliantly judged.

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Gary Cartwright

Gary Cartwright

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