UK General Election: polls show Conservatives in strong lead over Labour

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party have the highest level of support since 2017, according to opinion polls published this weekend. 

The December 12th election was called to end three years of disagreement over Brexit that has infuriated the electorate and damaged Britain’s standing since it voted in the 2016 referendum to leave the EU. 

Johnson hopes to win a majority to push through the last-minute Brexit deal he struck with the EU last month after the bloc granted a third delay to the divorce that was originally supposed to take place on March 29th, subsequently being delayed initially to October 31st, and which is still uncertain.

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives currently lead Labour by 10-17%, four polls showed. 

A YouGov poll showed support for the Conservatives stood at 45%, the highest level since 2017, compared with Labour on 28%, unchanged. The pro-European Union Liberal Democrats were on 15%, and the Brexit Party was on 4% unchanged. 

A separate poll for SavantaComRes also said support for Johnson’s Conservatives was the highest since 2017 with his party on 41% with Labour on 33%. 

The Conservatives have a 16-point lead over Labour, according to an opinion poll published by Opinium Research. 

A poll by the Mail on Sunday said Johnson’s party had a 15-point lead over Labour. 

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