UK Liberal Democrats adopt anti-Brexit stance in search for possible future coalition partners

Britain's Liberal Democrats party on Sunday toughened its anti-Brexit stance, formally adopting a policy to cancel withdrawal from the bloc if it wins power at a future national election. This is a highly unlikely scenario given the party's risible electoral performances to date,  but given the Lib Dems strategy of seeking power through coalition, the strategy fits the business model to a tee.

The party holds a mere 18 seats in Britain’s 650-seat parliament but has cast itself as the ‘Stop Brexit’ party, hoping to pick up votes from the minority who voted to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum, and to win enough seats to form what would be an unprecedented Liberal Democrat government. 

The Liberal Democrats party conference on Sunday voted to formally adopt a policy to revoke the ‘Article 50’ notice filed in March 2017 which notified the EU of Britain’s intention to quit the bloc. This would effectively cancel Brexit. 

The decision underlines how Brexit is reshaping the country’s political spectrum, with the pro-EU Liberal Democrats now at the opposite end to the pro-Brexit Conservatives. In 2010 the two formed a coalition government that lasted five years. 

For further details of the UK Liberal Democrat conference:

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