German, Italian & French people believe COVID-19 pandemic has weakened arguments in favour of the EU

A survey commissioned by Euronews has revealed that "most German, Italian and French people believe the COVID-19 pandemic has weakened the arguments in favour of the European Union and think the bloc has not done nearly enough to support their country during the crisis".

The survey suggests that Italians are the harshest critics of the EU with 61% of respondents from the country saying the pandemic has weakened the case for the bloc, compared to 40% in Germany and 47% in France.

The poll, carried out by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, involved 1,500 participants from each of the three EU countries.

Seventy per cent of Italian respondents also said the EU has not done enough to help their country during the crisis — higher than the 60% and 57% observed in Germany and France respectively.

Overall, vast majorities in each of the three nations polled believe that member states each acted separately, while an average of two-thirds of respondents said that the pandemic has shown that national borders are crucial for the security of a country.

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