Better "no-deal Brexit" if Britain wants to wreck the EU, says John Bruton

A no-deal Brexit would be a better outcome if it becomes clear the British government wants to "wreck" the European Union, former Irish prime minister John Bruton has warned.

Speaking to Euronews he said there there was an "issue of trust" in the EU's negotiations with Britain over their future relationship because there were some in the governing Conservative Party who wanted to dismantle the European project.

His remarks come after intensified talks between the UK and EU negotiating teams restarted this week, with neither side reporting a significant breakthrough.

Britain left the European Union in January but continues to follow EU rules until a transition period ends on December 31st.

If no agreement is reached before that deadline, the two sides will revert to trading on World Trade Organisation terms.

"I've seen certain Tory MPs saying 'we must get Brexit right because we want others to follow us, because we want to set an example in the way we deal with Brexit so that others will leave the European Union',

"Well if that's the approach of the British government it would be better to have no deal."

Bruton's comment represent a major change of position, however. In October 2017 he was reported by the Irish Mirror as saying a “no deal” Brexit would be “devastating” for the peace process, and would inevitably result in barriers being erected on the border between the North and South.

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