Calais Mayor says Britain threatens 'a declaration of maritime war' over migrant flood from France

Mayor Natacha Bouchart of Calais said Britain sending in the Navy to police the Channel would be 'a declaration of maritime war' amid a sharp rise in the number of migrants making the perilous crossing.

The Mayor, who in 2017 reportedly banned the distribution of meals to migrants, responded to Priti Patel's formal request for help from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) as the number of people making the life-threatening journey continues to climb.

Mme. Bouchard said in an interview with France 3: 'I think the [French] government would oppose it.

'Here we are hostile to it. Rather than accept migrants who would work in the black market, Boris Johnson would do better than to teach us lessons, would be better to create better laws to to accept people in his own country.

'The British themselves have created this hot air by not reviewing their own reception systems and are content to hand out lessons and by subjecting the people of Calais to this situation for too long.'

Many, especially in the UK, would agree with her that the British system is too welcoming towards economic migrants. However, the continued in-flow has the effect of inflating property demand, and in particular rental prices, and so is seen as something that despite the rhetoric of Patel et al. it is therefore a flow that is unlikely to be stemmed. The British economy basically revolves around people selling houses to one another - manufacturing being a thing of the past.

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