"Former" political wing of Irish Terror group demands place in government

The "former" political wing of the terrorist Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), the Marxist Sinn Fein, has issued demands to be part of the next Irish government after tallies indicated it secured the most votes in an election that leader Mary Lou McDonald described as a ballot box “revolution”.

The party secured 24% of first preference votes, almost doubling its vote from the last election four years ago, a tally by Virgin Media TV showed.

That put it narrowly ahead of the party of Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and fellow centre-right rival Fianna Fail. However, Sinn Fein is likely to fall behind at least one of its rivals in terms of seat numbers as it stood far fewer candidates and can aim at best to be a junior partner in a government.

Both Fine Gael and Fianna Fail, who have between them led every government since the foundation of the state, consistently ruled out a coalition with Sinn Fein ahead of the election, citing its policies and history.

Analysts suggested that resolve may be tested in the coming days in what many described as a seismic shift in Irish politics away from the century-old, centre-right duopoly.

“This is certainly an election that is historic... this is changing the shape and the mould of Irish politics. This is just the beginning,” McDonald told a media scrum after arriving at her election count to a huge ovation from party supporters.

“I do not accept the exclusion or talk of excluding our party, a party that represents now a quarter of the electorate and I think that that is fundamentally undemocratic.”

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin, who predicted his party would win the most seats, declined to repeat his earlier refusals to consider a coalition with Sinn Fein, saying only that there were significant incompatibilities on policy.

“Our policies and our principles have not changed overnight, in 24 hours, but what is important is that the country comes first,” he told reporters in Cork. He later added that Fianna Fail’s issues with Sinn Fein’s history had not gone away.

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