UK fisheries proposals "unacceptable", says French minister Annick Girardin

French fishermen would be better off with no-deal rather than accepting Britain's “unacceptable” proposals French Minister of the Sea, Annick Girardin, said in an interview with JDD newspaper on Sunday.

“So far, the UK has made unacceptable proposals. Fishermen would rather have no agreement than a bad agreement, and they are not wrong,” Annick Girardin told the JDD newspaper.

“We have laid out red lines: access to fishing grounds, quotas and the species that we fish today. Europeans must preserve their resources and their access.”

EU access to UK fisheries remain a main stumbling block in the ongoing trade talks, which will resume in the coming week.

The EU wants to secure consistent rights to fish in British waters, an important issue for France where coastal fishing communities are politically influential. President Emmanuel Macron has made promises in the regard which many believe he cannot fulfil.

“We’re preparing for all eventualities, and therefore also for a no-deal. France is preparing to support its fisheries and the entire industry. European tools will have to be put in place for this,” said Mme. Girardin adding that she still hoped for a compromise deal.


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