EU & UK make yet another last ditch effort to find trade deal

Britain and the EU are to make yet another “last-ditch” effort to resuscitate post-Brexit trade deal talks.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday there was no point in continuing talks and it was time to prepare for a ‘no-deal’ exit when transitional arrangements end on December 31st. However, Michael Gove suggested on Sunday that “the door was still” ajar to a deal, but only if the EU was willing to compromise.

UK chief negotiator David Frost and his EU counterpart Michel Barnier are due to speak by telephone on Monday to discuss the structure of any future talks.

Issues remain, as always, fair competition rules, dispute resolution and fisheries.

“We hope that the EU will change their position; we’re certainly not saying if they do change their position that we can’t talk to them,” said Gove.

A no deal “is not my preferred destination,” the minister wrote in an opinion piece in the Sunday Times.

“But if the choice is between arrangements that tie our hands indefinitely, or where we can shape our own future, then that’s no choice at all. And leaving on Australian terms is an outcome for which we are increasingly well prepared.”

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