Macron names defender of "suspected" terrorists as head of the Justice Ministry

In what may be seen by many as a sop to the far-left, French President Emmanuel Macron ousted his top security official Monday following allegations of police brutality as part of a government shakeup for the remaining two years of Macron’s term.

Macron named a controversial lawyer, former budget minister Gerald Darmanin, who has defended WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as well as "suspected" terrorists as head of the Justice Ministry.

A former Green Party lawmaker was appointed to lead the powerful Ministry for Ecological Transition after Macron came under criticism for lagging on promises to cut emissions.

Macron has promised that the new government would be one of “purpose and unity.”

Darmanin, a member of Macron’s young guard, is a former conservative who joined Macron’s centrist party in 2017 and is seen as outspoken but effective.

Among his clients have been Assange; accomplices to Mohamed Merah, who killed Jewish children, a rabbi and paratroopers in a 2012 rampage around Toulouse; and former French government ministers accused of tax fraud or sexual harassment.

Image: French government

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