MEPs debate rule of law in Hungary and Poland

The European Parliament debated the situation in Hungary and Poland as both countries continue to push the boundaries when it comes to undermining the rule of law, democracy, and fundamental rights.

In the resolution that will be voted on this week, leftist MEPs sent a reminder that member states must respect the primacy of EU law and called on the Council and the new European Commission to use all instruments at their disposal, including infringement procedures, and applications for interim measures before the Court of Justice, to defend democracy in Europe.

They are is also pushing for a new EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights to assess the situation in all member states on an annual, independent basis with specific recommendations and potential budgetary consequences.

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Martin Banks

Martin Banks

Martin Banks is a highly qualified journalist with many years experience of working within the EU institutions. He is an occasional, and highly valued, contributor to EU today, writing on a wide variety of issues.

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