Polisario official sends mixed message to European leftist allies via Israeli TV

The Polisario Front is a military movement operating from the Tindouf refugee camps in southern Algeria. In order to endear itself to its European supporters from the radical left it has for a long time tried to draw parallels between its own situation and that of the Palestinian struggle, taking positions against Israel , and referring to it as a "Zionist state”.

This is a position that dates back to the 1970s, and El Ouali Mustafa Sayed, a Moroccan communist who was to become one of the founders of Polisario.

Because the cause of Polisario is so marginal that it needs to be sheltered in the shadow of a popular and widely known and supported cause, it was convenient for them to take refuge in the Palestinian cause, which enjoys international solidarity. The Polisario, Algeria and Libya did not consider it extremely ignoble to instrumentalise the Palestinian cause by equating it with their fictitious cause directed and supported by the Algerian regime and sponsored for a time by Gaddafi? Palestinian representatives have even had to clarify in various countries that they do not support the cause of the Polisario, and that the only cause that encourages the Palestinian authorities is Palestine.

Jamal Eddine Mechbal, author, Marruecos y su Sáhara Occidental.

In what appears a somewhat surprising change in its so-called revolutionary principles and convictions, the current representative of Polisario in Brussels, Abi Bouchary El Bachir, was one of a number of guests guests in a special program on the Israeli channel i24 News Arabic on November 15th, to discuss the problem of Guerguerat, on the border between Morocco and Mauritania.

Extracts from the intervention of the representative of the Polisario were subsequently presented, in a flagrant manipulation, as part of a "statement to the press", carefully avoiding mentioning the fact that El Bachir was in fact taking part in a broadcast on an Israeli channel from its studios in Brussels.

El Bachir's appearance on i24 was widely and negatively viewed on social media because of his blatant hypocrisy. The Polisario representative has been not only harshly criticised but also ridiculed for his intervention on an Israeli channel.

In addition to the double talk about the passage of its representative , the credibility of Polisario in terms of communication at the international level seems to be permanently crumbling, especially since the violation of the ceasefire on the part of Polisario in the buffer zone of Guergarat.

Polisario War

Its representative has continued to use videos and data from the Yemeni war and extracts from American military operations and attributing them to the Moroccan Armed Forces in order to manipulate international public opinion.

Polisario sympathisers drawn from the radical left of the European Union, indeed within the EU institutions themselves, may not be so impressed by this hypocrisy. In May 2017, on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, Brahim Ghali approached the Israeli Minister, Ayoob Kara, greeting him warmly.

Being seen getting close to such a senior Israeli might damage El Bachir’s pro-Palestinian anti-Zionist credentials in the eyes of some of the European socialist, leftist and revolutionary parties, who may have been traditionally sympathetic to Polisario.

Polisario is a threat for its own region and for Europe: as a Soviet-funded creation of the cold war, it has no principles because it has no real cause. The Polisario, switching from socialist revolutionary ideals to islamist dogmas, as it appears in its very recent war declarations, should fool nobody.

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