"No revision clauses in Brexit deal", says EU Commissioner Thierry Breton

Its Déjà Vu in Brussels and London as UK and EU negotiators resumed talks on their post-Brexit relationship via video-conferencing, with the focus still on continued EU access to UK fishing grounds, and ensuring fair competition for companies, including on the vexed issue of state aid.

Face-to-face talks, suspended last week after a member of the EU delegation tested positive for the coronavirus, will resume in London “when it is safe to do so”, said a Reuters source speaking on condition of anonymity.

Britain's Sun newspaper reported at the weekend that the negotiators were looking at a review clause that would allow a renegotiation of any new fishing arrangement from 2021 in several years’ time, a suggestion that will concern Brexiteers who fear a sell-out by Boris Johnson's government.

Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Market, said “We shouldn’t have in the Brexit deal revision clauses in one or two years, when everything would change again... We won’t let that happen. We need to give our entrepreneurs predictability.”

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