Opening of Schools as We Continue to Face the Coronavirus

2020 will be a year to remember for many people. What started as a good year has drastically changed. This is mainly because of the coronavirus. The world is currently facing a pandemic that no one knew would escalate so fast. The virus has led to the death of many people across the globe, and this has created some concerns. As a result of the coronavirus, many countries have come up with various rules and regulations to try to control the situation. Most of the rules and regulations are to ensure that social distancing is maintained.

Many sectors have been affected negatively because of the pandemic. Businesses have stopped their operations, leading to many people losing their livelihoods. Among the many affected sectors is the education sector. Schools have been closed for a while now because of the fear of children being infected with the virus. Children are the main priority in every parent’s mind, and the idea of putting them in danger of contracting the deadly virus is every parent’s nightmare.

The UK government has spent some time thinking of the right way to open schools or at least enable some learning to take place. As a significant amount of time has passed, we have come to learn more and understand the virus. It has been established how the virus spreads and ways to stop its further spread. This has been beneficial in helping different countries know how they can open schools. Here are some measures that have been put in place to ensure that schools are reopened and learning continues.

Social Distancing

Through reliable scientific research, we have come to know that the virus is likely to continue spreading if people don’t practice social distancing. For learning to go on without putting the students at risk of getting the virus, social distancing should be maintained in classrooms. This means that more space is needed. The number of kids per class will be significantly reduced as a result. Chairs and desks will have to be arranged far from each other to achieve the required space.

Some schools will be required to use available rooms and convert them into classes, and this may include the utilization of libraries. Others will be forced to provide additional space by constructing new rooms. Many schools are currently utilizing temporary structures from companies like Smart-Space. The company has been at the forefront in helping many people who need structures urgently because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They include learning and health institutions. To get to them, use this link and learn more.

Regular Cleaning

It was discovered that people are most likely to be infected with the virus through touching contaminated surfaces. This was a concern when the idea of opening of schools was brought up. This is mainly because children are most likely to touch things around them. The UK government has stated that all school-going children will be expected to go back to school in September. Among the ways that schools can prevent further spread of the virus is through regular cleaning of surfaces. Surfaces like desks and chairs will be disinfected regularly. Both students and teachers will be required to clean their hands often with running water.


It's fair to state that there are still many concerns regarding the opening of schools during this period. Many parents still have concerns and questions on the level of preparedness of schools. Questions like, should children play together? What will schools do if someone is found positive? These questions are still being asked by parents. As a parent, you should make a point of informing your children about the pandemic and some of the guidelines like washing their hands and wearing a face mask.

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