Priti Patel says EU-UK trade deal talks still ongoing, announces agreement with France on curbing migrant numbers

British Home Secretary Priti Patel told UK media on Saturday that talks between Britain and the European Union over a trade deal are ongoing.

“As a government, we’re very clear in our commitment to make sure that those talks continue so we can get to a conclusive end, but at the same time we are preparing in the way in which our country would expect us to prepare for the end of transition," she said.

Separately, Patel announced that she had signed another new agreement with France to try to tackle illegal migration between Britain and France.

Announcing the news on Saturday, she claimed that the agreement “will make a difference” to migrant numbers.

She added: “This new package today that I have just signed with my French counterpart, the French interior minister, effectively doubles the number of police on the French beaches, it invests in more technologies and surveillance, and on top of that we are now sharing in terms of toughening up our border security.”

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