UK Home Secretary Priti Patel under fire as daily migrant crossings continue seemingly unabated

223 illegal migrants were intercepted off the Kent coast by UK Border Force vessels on Monday. They were picked up in 18 small boats, the Home Office has confirmed, with a further eight boats with 106 people on board being stopped by the French authorities from making the crossing, a Home Office spokesman said.

On Sunday 21 migrants reached the UK in two boats, with a further six people being rescued by the French.

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK had become "a target and a magnet for those who would exploit vulnerable people".

More than 1,468 migrants made the crossing by small boat in August despite a vow from UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to make the dangerous route "unviable".

In January, she stated that she wanted to make it clear to anyone trying to make the dangerous crossing that they would be returned if they do not have a genuine claim of asylum. However, in the seven weeks leading up to June 18th (the last accurate figures available) none of the 1,100 migrants who arrived in Britain illegally by boat were deported.

The Home Office does not provide information on how many children are making the crossing on small boats.

Dan O'Mahoney, the clandestine Channel threat commander, said: "These crossings are facilitated by criminals willing to risk people's lives for money.

"France is a safe country with a fully functioning asylum system - those seeking refuge can and should claim asylum there. I recognise the number still reaching the UK remains too high."

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