Repatriation of European citizens from the Wuhan region via Melsbroek

This Sunday, a repatriation flight with European citizens, among whom 12 Belgians, coming from the Wuhan region is due to land at Brussels Airport. The repatriation will be carried out via the military airport at Melsbroek.

The military have their own infrastructure, situated next to Brussels Airport.

The repatriated passengers will immediately be looked after by a medical team from the government authorities and escorted by the Defence ministry.

Non-Belgians will be taken to their own country with dedicated flights or bus services from Melsbroek, organised by their own member state.

The repatriated Belgian passengers will be transported to the Military Hospital in Neder-Over-Heembeek with a separate transport.

As was the case with previous outbreaks of viruses in foreign countries, we are strictly following the guidelines of the Public Health ministry regarding the coronavirus.

According to the Public Health ministry, there is currently no risk for our country and no specific measures are currently required at the airport.

There are no direct flights between Brussels Airport and the airport of Wuhan, but there are nonstop services to two other destinations in China, Shenzhen and Beijing, as well as to Hong Kong.

A spokesman told this site, "We are closely monitoring the situation in China in consultation with the Public Health ministry and are ready to immediately implement the necessary measures."

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Martin Banks

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