Romanians "need a stable government" warn MEPs

A motion of non-confidence presented by the Romanian Social Democrats against right wing Prime Minister Ludovic Orban and his cabinet passed by 261 against 139 on Wednesday.

The motion was driven mainly by the government's attempt to structurally change the electoral law only three months before scheduled elections.

S&D Group leader Iratxe García said: “The attempts of the Conservative government to change the electoral law in such a rush not only goes against the Romanian Constitutional Court, according to which a minimum of six months are necessary to change the electoral law, it also goes against the recommendations of the Venice Commission for good electoral practices, which stipulates at least one year before elections.

“Even more worrying is the fact that yesterday, in a marathon meeting of more than eight hours, the government of Mr. Orban adopted a battery of legislative acts, setting an un-paralleled undemocratic record.

“Romanians don't deserve this. I hope that the political forces in the Romanian Parliament find the way to bring stability and recuperate the path of democratic reforms in line with EU values.”

The head of the S&D Romanian delegation, Dan Nica MEP, said: “This government has defied Romanian citizens and Europe alike, by not only assuming responsibility on seven key legislative acts in the past three months, but also by undemocratically adopting in one night 56 legislative acts, 25 governmental emergency ordinances and 31 decisions, despite the Constitutional Court's decisions and recommendations from the Venice Commission.

"These cover a wide range of topics which directly impact citizens' lives, from the privatisation of emergency and health services to the state budget and, last but not least, the structural change of the country's electoral system.

“Therefore, I reiterate my call, on behalf of Romanian democratic forces, to President von der Leyen to urgently put forward the European Commission's opinion with respect to the practices endorsed by the EPP government.”

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Martin Banks

Martin Banks

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