Energy Charter Sec-Gen Urban Rusnak expresses concern over Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

Dr Urban Rusnak, Secretary-General of the International Energy Charter, issued a statement on Monday expressing his concern over "the escalation of violence between the 2020 and 2021 Chairmanships of the Energy Charter Conference – Azerbaijan and Armenia respectively."

He urged all parties involved to cease hostilities, to act in line with their international commitments and to refrain from any action that could affect critical energy infrastructure or significantly disrupt or interrupt the energy supply.

Dr Rusnak stated that he stands ready to convene an Energy Security Contact Group urgently in case a signatory of the 1991 Energy Charter Declaration invokes the Early Warning Mechanism.

The Energy Security Contact Group, if convened and engaged, would aim at facilitating communication and at elaborating a common evaluation of the situation and implications of current developments on energy security as well as recommendations (for consideration by the parties involved) to eliminate the threat to energy security or to overcome the emergency situation.

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