Europe experiencing "significant resurgence" of coronavirus after lockdowns lifted

Europe has recorded more than 2.5 million new coronavirus cases since lockdowns across the continent have been lifted, the World Health Organization said Thursday.

“Last week, Europe saw an increase in weekly cases for the first time in months,” the WHO’s regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge, said of alarming data following many nations lifting lockdowns.

“Thirty countries have seen increases in new cumulative cases over the past two weeks,” he said, without detailing specific examples.

“In 11 of these countries, accelerated transmission has led to very significant resurgence that if left unchecked will push health systems to the brink once again in Europe,” he warned.

While the continent had earlier appeared to be over the worst of the pandemic, there are still “close to 20,000 new cases and over 700 new deaths daily,” Kluge said.

“For weeks I have spoken about the risk of resurgence as countries adjust measures,” he said of the easing of earlier lockdowns and strict social distancing measures.

Globally, almost 9.5 million confirmed cases have been reported as of Thursday, with at least 483,311 deaths.

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