Former Aussie PM Tony Abbott to help UK strike post-Brexit trade deals

Former Australian prime minster Tony Abbott will reportedly become president of the UK's Board of Trade, and will be tasked with helping Britain strike trade deals around the world after leaving the European Union.

He will hold the role jointly with UK Trade Secretary Liz Truss, according to The Sun newspaper. However, Bevan Shields, an Australian London-based journalist for the Nine newspapers, reported on Twitter that he had been informed the story was not accurate. Instead, he suggested, Abbott was likely to join the board “in some sort of advisory capacity”.

62 year old Mr Abbott, who was prime minster from 2013 to 2015, is described as a "staunch monarchist and Brexit supporter".

He is known to be friends with Boris Johnson and was a guest at the Conservative Party conference in October where he urged Britain to be hopeful about the future.

'Now I know that many people here in Britain think that these are daunting times, but surely they are also stirring times because, yet again, a great country is grasping for freedom,' he said.

The UK is currently negotiating trade deals with Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States.

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