Brexit Group chairman David McAllister MEP says trust and confidence in the British government has been "damaged"

German MEP David McAllister, chairman of the UK Co-ordination group in the European Parliament, which scrutinises Brexit negotiations, says that trust and confidence in the British government has been "damaged" by recent disputes, and says a trade deal cannot be agreed unless the British government withdraws its controversial Internal Market Bill.

Speaking to Sky News he said that the bill was an "unacceptable threat" to the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

"This bill came out of the blue and, across party lines in the European Parliament, we are deeply concerned," he said.

"Not just about the lack of progress in negotiations, but also about this bill. It clearly breaches the withdrawal agreement, including on the very sensitive protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland.

"We will not ratify a future deal with the United Kingdom if there is a threat to the Withdrawal Agreement. This has to be withdrawn.”

Meanwhile, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney said it was "lamentable" for Boris Johnson to be contemplating overriding the Brexit agreement he signed last year.

Standing down from her role as UK special envoy on media freedom, she wrote to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stating she cannot urge other nations to respect international obligations "while the UK declares that it does not intend to do so itself".

Image: European Parliament

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