UK reaction to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle decision to quit Royal duties

Hard on the heels of the highly damaging controversy surrounding Prince Andrew's relationship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein comes another royal bombshell as Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, announce their departure from 'front-line' royal duties.

The couple announced their desire to make their own way in life, and to earn their own money. This will not, however, involve relinquishing their extensive home, gifted to them by The Queen, and recently refurbished at taxpayer's expense to the tune of £2.4 million.

They will also keep the security they enjoy, again at taxpayer's expense, which ties up enormous police resources at a cost of £650,000 per annum.

They will, however, give up their income from the Sovereign Grant – the money taxpayers give to the Queen every year - effectively freeing them from their royal obligations.

Prince Harry will also continue to receive money via his father from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Cornwall is one of the poorest regions of the UK, and many believe that its significant resources and land should be public assets as opposed to the fiefdom of Prince Charles, a sentiment that has been steadily growing in recent years.

Frogmore Cottage 2

The move, which reportedly came as a complete surprise to The Queen, has received a largely scathing response from the British press and public alike.

A member of the royal household is reported as saying 'People had bent over backwards for them. They were given the wedding they wanted, the house they wanted, the office they wanted, the money they wanted, the staff they wanted, the tours they wanted and had the backing of their family. What more did they want?'

Prominent broadcaster and journalist Piers Morgan took to social media to comment:

Screen Shot 2020 01 09 At 11 45 17

To summarise, they want to stop being 'senior royals' with all the tedious duty that entails. In other words, they want to be super-woke celebrities (with all the outrageous 'Do as we say not as we do' hectoring hypocrisy they've already brought to that status) who get to keep all the trappings of royal life without any of the hard, boring bits and the right to cash in on their status however they choose. So, they want the glitz, the glamour, the splendour and the stupendous wealth….they just don't want to have to actually earn it. What a pathetic joke.

Piers Morgan

Despite a promising start, and the welcome arrival of the couple's son Archie in May of last year, the British public have not yet fully embraced the Duchess of Kent, a former 'B' list actress, and the announcement that the couple will in future by dividing their time between Britain and North America may confirm speculation that she is more interested in pursing a 'celebrity' lifestyle in the U.S.

The timing of the announcement and the lack of consultation with members of the royal family is being viewed as 'insensitive' at best, as 'disrespectful' to The Queen at worst.

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