William Browder releases his testimony on collusion between Russian organised crime interests & UK actors.

'For all practical purposes, Vladimir Putin has now been in charge of Russia since 2000... he has deployed vast resources from criminal proceeds, as well as misappropriations of assets from the regime’s opponents and random victims, to fund and develop a non-Russian, Western “buffer network” which has enabled the Russian state to infiltrate UK society and to conceal the underlying Russian controllers and their agendas.' - William Browder, head of the Global Magnitsky Justice Movement.

Damning written evidence given by William Browder to the UK's Intelligence & Security Committee, naming senior UK establishment figures, led to a two-year investigation behind closed doors into how the Kremlin is seeking to influence and subvert UK politics and society. Its 50-page report was ready for release last November, before the general election in November of last year. However, Boris Johnson refused to clear the report, which reveals the extent of Russian infiltration in British politics, including the Conservative party, for publication.

Browder's original evidence is now in the public domain after he himself gave permission for publication.

Download Browders Written Evidence To The Uk Intelligence And Security Committee

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