Brussels police fire rubber bullets as Belgian King attacked by stone-throwing youths in Schaerbeek riot

Brussels Police used rubber bullets during a riot that broke out in Saint-Josse and Schaerbeek on Wednesday of last week after the death of a 23 year old man in police custody last Saturday, it has been revealed.

Youths had taken to the streets, setting fire to a police station in Schaerbeek, smashing tram windows and a bus stop, before ransacking a pharmacy.

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King Philippe of Belgium’s car was also hit by stones during during the disturbances as he was driven through the Schaerbeek area on the way to his residence at the Palace of Laeken. Police moved quickly to prevent rioters from stopping the King's vehicle.

The trouble broke out following an initially peaceful demonstration organised by the family of the deceased, Ibrahima Barrie (pictured right), which had been approved by mayor of Saint-Josse, Emir Kir, despite rigid social distancing rules.

Barrie had been approached by police after he was seen filming a police check near the Brussels North station, something prohibited in law in Belgium. The district is notorious for high levels of street crime, drug-dealing, and prostitution.

Barrie fled the scene but was later arrested and taken to a police station close to the station, where he became unwell. He died later of heart failure, an autopsy revealed.

Main image: via Twitter.

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