China responds to UK banning of Communist Party media outlet with allegations against BBC

The BBC came under renewed fire on Friday morning from Chinese official and social media in an escalating diplomatic dispute following Britain’s revocation of the TV licence of Chinese state media outlet CGTN.

The UK media regulator, OFCOM, alleges that the station's content is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Beijing responded with allegations of its own, aimed at the BBC. “I highly suspect that the BBC has been closely instigated by the intelligence agencies of the US and the UK. It has become a bastion of the Western public opinion war against China,” Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Communist Party-backed tabloid the Global Times, said on Twitter.

The BBC’s coverage of Xinjiang came under heavy criticism after it reported on Wednesday that women in internment camps for ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims in the region were subject to rape and torture.

It was also reported by The Telegraph newspaper that Britain had in the past year expelled three Chinese spies who were in the country on journalism visas.

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