Coronavirus: Belgium bans British diplomatic staff from receiving UK vaccine

Under an agreement with Belgium, the U.K. government will not vaccinate British diplomatic personnel working on local contracts in Belgium, although the U.K. is distributing the life-saving jabs to Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) staff who are formally posted to Belgium, and to others stationed elsewhere around the world, Politico reports.

This means that British staff will have to wait for their jabs, in a country where the vaccination roll-out is proceeding painfully slowly, while vaccinations will go ahead for directly-employed U.K. staff and their dependents in Belgium, in accordance with the U.K.’s broader vaccination plan.

Elke Pattyn, a spokeswoman for the Belgian foreign minister, confirmed the agreement with the U.K: “The British have discussed this with our government, and we have stipulated that Belgian residents, including their locally recruited staff, should be covered by the Belgian national vaccine deployment plan.”

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