Coronavirus: no excess deaths in Netherlands for first time since September

There were no excess deaths in the Netherlands last week, the first time since September more people have not died than would have been expected for the time of year, the Dutch national statistics office CBS said on Friday.

An estimated 3,400 people died in the week, around the normal number, the CBS said.

Fewer people over the age of 80 died than forecasts would indicate. The CBS pointed out that after a period with a high number of excess deaths, there can be a period when fewer people die than would have been expected, particularly among people in vulnerable health. The excess death rate is considered a more accurate assessment of how many people have died from coronavirus because it includes people who have not been tested.

Officially, 293 people died from coronavirus in the week to February 17th. In total, 15,089 people have now officially died from coronavirus in the Netherlands, although the figure is likely to under-represent the number who died in the first wave.

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