Donald Tusk speaks to crowd of 100,000 as Poles turn out against 'POLEXIT'

More than 100,000 Poles heard Donald Tusk, former head of the European Council, speak out against a possible 'Polexit' in front of Warsaw's Royal Castle on Sunday. He said the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party's policies were jeopardising Poland's future in Europe.

"We know why they want to leave (the EU) ... so that they can violate democratic rules with impunity," he said.

Poland's government-run broadcaster TVP ran banners accusing Tusk of "attacking Polish sovereignty."

Poland's constitutional court ruled this week that the Polish constitution overrides some EU laws, and critics of the PiS government fear the court ruling could lead to Poland being forced to leave the EU over an apparent rejection of the bloc’s laws and values.

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According to the organisers, protests took place in over 100 towns and cities across Poland and several cities abroad, with 80,000-100,000 people gathering in the capital Warsaw alone, waving Polish and EU flags and shouting "We are staying".

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